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Comprehensive layered hardware and software systems that support sharing of a wide spectrum of resources, spanning from networks, storage, computing resources, and system-level middleware software, to structured information within collections, archives, and databases.



Artificial intelligence and visualization tools allow us to explore and explain data in new ways. We empower users with insights that allow for interplay and the ability to change the assumption of one scenario and quickly see its impact across others.



Secure and reliable methods to access, integrate, cleanse, govern, store and prepare tax data for analytics.

Functions include database design, configuration, installation and updates; data security; database backup and recovery.



Multifactor security, identity and access management solutions that are flexible and adaptable to work in the most complex environments. Hybrid, On-Prem, and Cloud services available that is cost effective, easy to implement, and real world proven. 



Machine learning and advanced processing technologies allow users to report data to any number of  tax entities on various levels. 

Award-winning cloud based tax filing system that allows electronic filing of corporate, individual, partnership, exempt and excise tax returns.



Evolutionary research of the theoretical realm of database and tax database management systems. We use algorithms to gain greater understanding of the complexity and power of query languages and their connection to logic.

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